The Advantages Of Biofreeze At Scrip Hessco

Chiropractors perform a wide range of procedures on patients in an attempt to relieve pain, increase mobility or enhance recovery. A chiropractor can use many different tools in order to make treatments more effective. Scrip Hessco carries most of the supplies and equipment that a chiropractor will need when treating patients over the course of a single day. Items ranging from traction tables to orthopedic braces are available through the store. One of the most popular lines of products that Scrip Hessco carries is the Biofreeze line of topical analgesics for chiropractic use.

Analgesics are an important part of the supplies that a chiropractor uses when treating certain types of patients. The topical application of an analgesic will help to relieve pain in the back, neck and other joints for a certain period of time. A chiropractor will apply a topical analgesic to a particular area of the body before beginning therapy that will move the muscles and bones into a position that will cause discomfort or pain. There are also instances where the analgesic will be applied as soon as a strenuous session has been completed so that the patient is free from soreness and pain when leaving the office. Some chiropractors actually provide patients with a small amount of a topical analgesic for use at home when dealing with severe pain.

One of the most popular and effective topical analgesics is Biofreeze. At Scrip Hessco Biofreeze is carried in several convenient forms. The Biofreeze brand of topical analgesic is formulated to provide maximum pain relief without using some of the harsh chemicals that are present in less popular topical creams. Biofreeze uses menthol as an active ingredient and includes other beneficial substances such as aloe that will leave the skin feeling refreshed. There are no thick waxes or heavy greases used in the formula. Areas that are treated with Biofreeze will not become sticky or greasy after the gel dries. The formulation causes a counter-irritant effect that creates a feeling on the skin that overrides the pain being felt. The result is that pain impulses are stopped from reaching the brain.
Scrip Hessco carries nearly all of the different versions of Biofreeze that are currently available on the market. There are pump bottles that contain Biofreeze gel. These bottles come in small convenient containers and in larger dispensers that hold a gallon of the formula. Pump dispensers are a good choice for offices that will be using the cream over large areas of the body. A roll-on applicator is available that can be used to spread a thin formulation of Biofreeze on a specific area of the body without requiring the gel to touch the hands. Roll-on applicators are a convenient solution for patients who will have to apply the analgesic several times during the day in order to control pain. Spray applicators are also available that can be used for cryotherapy where the nerves are cooled in order to reduce the intensity of the pain.

The makers of Biofreeze have gone to great lengths to ensure that the gels and sprays are free from any grains or artificial fragrances that could trigger irritation or an allergic reaction in patients. The gel can be applied before aquatic exercise therapies. Chiropractors are able to give Biofreeze to patients with the knowledge that the formulation of the gel is not harmful when used properly. Scrip Hessco has assembled the most complete selection of Biofreeze products at the best prices possible.