A Cup of Coffee May Reduce Women Chance of Becoming Pregnant

A new research has formed little day earlier, at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, which has broadcasted that caffeine consumption is directly linked up with infertility in females. 

With the sequence to the entire fact Sean Ward, professor of the physiology and cell biology at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, has stated “Caffeine is quite being able to reduce the muscle activity in the Fallopian tubes, which is known for carrying eggs from a woman’s ovaries to her womb.”

Later he also added “To justify the entire fact of the study we have taken a group of mice, but this finding goes a long way to explain why the drink caffeine reduces a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant.”

With the sequence to study on muscular Fallopian tubes of mice, Ward and his team mates has discovered that caffeine usually stops the specialized pacemaker action, which in general takes place at the wall of the tubes.

The attendance of these cells there usually makes a tube structure, that’s why while they are inhibited, then eggs can not be moved down through that tube.

Ward has also stated “The entire results of the study are indicating that the woman who in general takes high caffeine will face less chance of becoming pregnant than those who are never wish to take high caffeine.”

The entire research and the report has published at the “British Journal of Pharmacology” earlier in this week.