A Pregnant Woman Can Drink Up To 10 gm Of Alcohol A Day

A new research has formed little day ago which has stated that light amount of alcohol drinking during the period of pregnancy is safe for a woman. Aside from that it also will not harm her unborn baby’s development or not increase the chance for premature birth.

With the sequence to the fact the study has also stated a or two glasses of alcohol in a week or about two units of wine a week does not raise the risk of premature birth or not impair the foetus growth.

In this regard a report in the Delhi mail has stated “The research, which based on the alcohol intake during the period of pregnancy, is looked at near about thirty six studies all around the world and this has also proved that half a unit of alcohol a day is safe for the body during this period. Also, this finding will more likely add all those entire confusion surrounding alcohol and pregnancy. ”

In this matter The Department of Health guidelines also advised those expected mothers for abstaining that completely. Though, the researchers of the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto stated that consuming over a half unit a day or 10 gm alcohol a day during the pregnancy period would not harm their new born.  Which also indicates that women now can enjoy one or two glass of wine –  one or two units once or twice a week without take any harming pressure about their unborn child.

An International Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology stated “The researchers also stated that drinking alcohol of more than 10 gm a day simultaneously increased the dangers of the fetus after being an undeveloped of entering into labor permanently nearly a quarter.”