A president’s journey to a healthy life

Two decades ago Bill Clinton’s diet composes of unhealthy foods such as hamburgers and doughnuts.  However, after undergoing two heart by-pass, he had resorted to eating healthy foods, which  consisted of plant-based diet.   He told CNN how good now he feel now since following a vegan diet plan.

Back in 1993, his wife, Hillary Clinton got concerned about the health of her love one, so she told him to have a change in their everyday diet.  She had ordered the chef to cook healthy food and not the usual fatty food, which they are serving on a daily basis.

However, the change in the diet is not enough since Bill’s still struggling with his weight problem during his administrative days.  The White house doctor suggested a low-calorie intake and more exercise to reduce his waistline.  That does not work out since he had put up eight kilos in two years.

The doctors were not aware that an even bigger problem would be a problem in the near future.  The family of Bill Clinton has a history of heart problem, but the doctor does not know about it.

Years passed, and he had leaved the White House behind, while he was doing the doing the circuit promoting the memoir “My Life”.  The former president suddenly felt tightness near the chest area.  He got rushed to a hospital and had a quadruple bypass in 2004, in order to restore the blood flow to the heart.

Clinton narrated that he got lucky that he did not die that day; he could have died that day.  Right after the operation, he tried to change his lifestyle by decreasing the calorie and cholesterol intake.  However, that too does not seem to work as there are more problems up ahead in the future.

In 2010, right after his relief operation in Haiti, hi problem comes back again to haunt him.  He had endured another operation in an effort of inserting two stents to open one of the blood vessels from his bypass.

Dr Dean Ornish, director and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, who Hillary had consulted and carried to the White House with them to change the menu, visited Clinton a few days following his operation.  The doctor told Clinton that since he has a family history of heart problem.  Simple changes in diet and lifestyle will not be enough to stop his heart disease from and told him because of his family history, moderate changes in diet and lifestyle were not going to be enough to stop his heart disease from getting worse.

Bill Clinton, who was into a vegan diet urge his father to try the vegan diet, as well.  She recommended a book that has changed the lifestyle of the former president after reading.  It was a vegan book, which tells the reader that people, who do not eat animal-based food do not suffer from any  diseases.