Additional Focus on Self-Care Can Reap Huge Savings in Healthcare Costs

Self-care can convert to substantial savings

The American people can save fifty million visits per annum to primary healthcare providers by focusing on self-care. In addition, an amount of five billion dollars annually can be saved with an effective method of consuming over-the-counter medications. These conclusions were found in a new study that was undertaken to analyze the alternate healthcare options. The findings were published in the Your Health at Hand, which includes a survey of consumers and physicians.

OTC medicines beneficial to healthcare

The CEO and president of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said that over-the-counter medicines are safe, effective, and affordable to address several problems that the citizens face. Moreover, OTC medications are beneficial to address the issue of rising healthcare costs and the shortage of primary care providers. The survey included primary care doctors, which included pediatricians and interns. The industry-sponsored survey concluded that at least ten percent of the visits to their clinics (which are for minor illnesses) can be avoided with efficient use of OTC drugs. In a parallel study, it was found that reducing half the unnecessary visits to the physician could save 26.3 million visits and more than $5 million per annum.

The key findings

The CHPA-sponsored study found the following findings:

  • Roughly, ninety-six percent individuals believe that over-the-counter medicines are easy options for minor illnesses.
  • Almost ninety-two percent physicians consider OTC medicines effective, while ninety-one percent consider these medicines safe.
  • Approximately eighty-nine percent people consider OTC drugs an important component of their families’ healthcare.
  • Eighty-eight percent of the physicians recommend patients to treat minor illnesses with self-care and OTC medications before visiting a primary healthcare service provider.

Common ailments that are treated with OTC drugs

According to Val Jones, M.D., who is a practicing rehab physician and the CEO of Better Health, LLC, many individuals use over-the-counter drugs to treat small sicknesses. These include allergies, pain in the lower back, cold, and headaches. Moreover, Dr. Jones encourages patients to treat their illnesses with the OTC medications after a review of the symptoms, causes, and the diagnosis is completed. Using over-the-counter drugs is an excellent method to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Benefits of OTC medications

Individuals can access the pharmacies at any time that is convenient without an appointment. In addition, the OTC drugs are affordable to both the individuals and the healthcare system. Finally, these medicines empower individuals to get a control on their health problems with safety and effectiveness.