Air Pollution May Trigger Heart Attacks

A team of researchers in the Italy stated “Increasing of the air pollution day by day looking like an uptick in the area of hospital admission for heart attack.”

The above finding was published in the American Journal Of Epidemiology which stated that high pollution days might trigger the heart attack in some of the people. Though, it has some similarity with other related studies because like all of that it states that elderly or the people with existing heart or lung disease are much more vulnerable.

In the present time AHA or American Heart Association also has recommended that the people with heart disease or others must be at a risk due to the diabetes or high blood pressure and they all need to steer clear of congested roadways and should spend a minimum daytime outside, because the condition and quality of the air are too much poor. Also the evidence of harm against pollutants has now become stronger which generally called fine particulate matter.

This fine particulate matter is released into the air while fossil fuels and wood are burned in open air, heating in home, so car exhaust as well as industrial sources including power plants.

These kinds of particles are generally too much small that’s why they can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, that is the main reason which the researchers suspect because they think that it may even trigger heart attack in vulnerable people by resulting irritating the nerves of the lungs or creating inflammation in the blood vessels.

The overall study found that each of the fine particles could even increase the air of 10 micrograms per cubic meter, that’s why the heart attack  hospitalizations always inched up 0.01 percent over the next few days. Moreover the researchers also looked at two other terrific pollutants: nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide.

So the link between spikes and attack of heart now has become much more stronger among the people of age 75 or older also it has similarly stronger among those people who are suffering from chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure and lung diseases emphysema.

But their finding does not prove that air pollution alone triggers heart attack.