Alcohol Can Prevent Bone Lose

Alcohol does not only have bad effects – it has good effects too. A recent study has proved that if aged women drink a suggested quantity on beer per day, they will be able to prevent Osteoporosis. The study has proved that a crucial element in building the new bones is Silicon and silicon is found in ale. It can be said that ale is a very good source of silicon. That silicon is found in some particular plants and beans also. But the greatest source of ale is beer.

In the whole study researchers aim was to find out the contribution of beer in the formation of bones. They ran a lengthy process wise survey and found out the answers of their questions. They found that there is an element in alcohol called ethanol. The head of the Nutrition research at Cambridge University, Professor Jonathan Powell said that the study found ethanol in bones too. The biological function of ethanol is to protect the bones from weakening, while the function of silicon is to help in the growth of bones. So that two elements help to protect the bones as well as ensure their proper growth.

Silicon helps in protecting bones, when it gets associated with the women hormone estrogen and cause protection for the bones. With growing age in women body the estrogen started to decrease. So it is very much necessary for older women to find an external source of silicon so that the element can protect their bones. Professor Jonathan Powell has said to the reporters of the Daily Mail that our body can absorb silicon from beer most.

The study has also disclosed the quantity of silicon in one pint of beer and that is 8 mg per pint of beer. Half pint of beer will be helpful for pre menopausal women and for post menopausal women the limit is one pint suggested the study.