Wanted to Know About the Use of Contraceptive Pills ?

Having sex for the first time is equally thrilling and dramatic. While some women do not know about the small but important safety measures they need to take before/while having sexual interaction, some just do not worry. If you have read any article regarding this subject, it is obvious that you care about yourself, your body and your partner so that the whole experience remains a worthwhile one.

In a certain way, it is good that you have taken the first step to make your first sexual intercourse enjoyable and exhilarating. There are some certain questions that are connected with the first sexual intercourse, which are explained here. If you feel affection for the flair to have sex but you don’t want to get pregnant, contraceptives could be your best friends.

Apart from the fact that they prevent pregnancy, some surgical operations that are life savers are also contraceptive in nature. A very good example is hysterectomy in which the uterus is surgically removed. Contraceptives are the various purposeful means of avoiding pregnancy and is a very rightly step taken by the women as these are all very safe and secure.

A very good medicine is there called the Marvelon. Marvelon is a collective oral contraceptive pill that assures an effectual contraception. It belongs to the group of third-generation oral contraceptive pills. Marvelon comprises of two vigorous ingredients, ethinylestradiol and desogestrel, which are third-generation synthetic versions of estrogens and progesterone respectively.

Medical trials have revealed that in the first year of use, this oral contraceptive pill is 99.99% effective. It means that only one in every ten thousand women has the danger of getting pregnant after having Marvelon. The pill is created from synthetic hormones and is designed for use by women as an oral contraceptive birth control method. When this is used in a correct fashion, the pill has a success rate of between 97% and 99%. Having made its first appearance in 1960, the pill is fully reversible and makes a popular choice for many women across the globe, in need of effective birth control methods.

The two types of birth control pills that currently exist are the combination pill and the progestin-only pill which is also called the mini-pill. These days, many women who enjoy the sex for the first time or after a long period of time make use of the contraceptive pills so that they do not get pregnant after the sex.

If you have faith in your man for not having any kind of disease  that he can pass on to you, making use of the pills like Cilest, Loestrin or Dianette pill can avoid you from being pregnant. Some women do not want to use condoms and in its place decide to use these contraceptive pills, which are not only effective but also have very less side effects. Just try to make an up to date choice about having sex for the first time so that you can have fantastic memories that can last a life span.