An Outbreak of C. Difficile Bacterial Infection in Guelph

Guelph general hospital declares bacterial outbreak

The Guelph general hospital in Ontario has declared that there is an outbreak of C. Difficile bacterial in their general hospital. The news of this outbreak was made public after deliberations with the hospital management. Last month, the hospital had diagnosed seven cases of this bacterial infection and among them; one patient succumbed to the disease. The outbreak of this deadly disease has also been witnessed in other hospitals of the southern Canada region and those bordering the United States such as Niagara Falls, St. Catherines and Welland. Seventeen deaths have been registered in these areas.

Several casualties in the past weeks

The death toll by this bacterial disease is on the rise. Apart from the seventeen deaths in the region, the Greater Niagara General Hospital has had four deaths, St. Catherines has witnessed ten deaths and the Welland Hospital has reported two deaths. All these medical services come under the jurisdiction of Niagara Health System, located on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. These health care centers provide care to over 434,000 people who dwell in the surrounding areas. There has been a huge public outcry since the medical care providers seem unable to provide health care and control the spread of the disease. Protests and rallies were held in these areas against the inefficiency of health care providers.

Guelph hospital suggests precautions

In response to the outbreak, Guelph general hospital has suggested that the public take precautions against the spread of bacteria. Sanitation, especially of the hands, ranks high among the precautionary measures. Entry into medical facilities has not yet been restricted. Richard Ernst, the chief executive and president of the hospital reassured the public saying that the outbreak shall be curtailed within six weeks.

Prior outbreaks

Prior to the declaration of outbreak in this region, another outbreak was declared on the 28th of May, which is now being related to the deaths occurring now. The infection was first contracted by a patient in the Guelph hospital and subsequently succumbed to the disease. However, autopsy was not performed on the patient.

Deadly bacteria present in many people

Human beings carry the deadly bacteria in the intestines. Ernst said that while it is not harmful in many people, those with weak immune systems are likely to fall prey to it. The bacteria are common. Such outbreaks have occurred in the past and claimed more than 91 lives during 2006-07.