Anger Management and Mental Health

Anger can be compared with anxiety. People who suffer from anger management problems is frequently highly anxious and worried. Most of these people belong to the highly functioning groups who expect a lot from themselves and a lot from those whom they hang out with. Anger management problems are just common in everyday life. Most of these people have very high levels of either comprehensive anxiety or social anxiety. These 2 types of anxiety contribute to their anger management issues.

For men, it is easier to admit that they got anger management problem that to say that they are suffering from social or generalized anxiety. Who could have blamed them since not all men are aware of the term? For those who are suffering from social anxiety, they have a hard time going to in public places such as shopping centers. Whenever they are in a train, they have a hard time exiting the train until the next stop. People with generalized anxiety have a low elasticity to stressful situations in their life. The first thing that they ought to do is to be angry.

The other mental condition linked with anger is depression. Some experts think that depression is going to affect 1 out of 5 people, at any 1 point in time. Eighty percent of people is going to suffer from depression at 1 point in their life. Depression is one of the most frustrating problem that a man could have in his entire life as there is no way that anyone could find the right answer for it. This is especially annoying for Type A, goal-driven personalities who often suffer from anger issues in the first place.

There are no obvious solutions to it. Depression is far harder to get rid than just doing the usual that includes going for a run, or drinking some beer, or eat some food or talk to someone about it. Perhaps the most response that people would get from a depressed person is anger. It is very important that people be familiar with depression for what it is, and get it analyzed and treated.

Anger Management can also refer to as helplessness in handling negative emotions.

A good example will be your own self. Whenever you suffer from negative emotion you are likely to exercise, resolve it through alcohol, spend time with friends on social networking sites, or just talking to friends.

Most people are going to do the latter, because no one has taught us on how to deal with our negative emotions. Sorry to say, that emotions are like a roller coaster. It goes up every time that has strong, positive emotions. It plateaus when we have neutral emotions. It dips when we have negative emotions for a certain time, and then the cycle persists.