Antibodies – Directly Linked Up With Infertility

A team of scientists have demanded that they have identified those antibodies which can even cause autoimmune disease related to the female infertility.

In this case an international team of scientists, from the University of Western Australia, has found that in general antibodies such as glycoprotein zona pellucid 3 or ZP 3 depletes follicles within the ovary, which causes for complete infertility in mice.

On the other way this glycoprotein zona pellucida 3 can be stated as a vital component of ovarian follicles, with is much more important for their development and in the mean time it also enables fertilization for occurring.

Within the observation period they have given those mice a genetically modified virus in order to express the glycoprotein ZP3, which there creates an immune response to the protein as well as a subsequent production of antibodies.

Moreover, the presence of antibodies within the body of mice have resulted a fertility reduction within just 14 days, followed by complete infertility within 21 days.

With the sequence to the fact Dr. Megan Lloyd, the leader of this study, has stated “Our study is indicating that it is possible for antibodies to contribute ZP3 in order to control ovarian damage in humans.”

Dr Lloyd has added “In human there are lots of women, who are living with the infertility for unknown causes and a larger portion of them are living with ZP3. Though, the importance of these antibodies is very difficult to figure out.”

However the scientists have also stated that earlier protection of this disease is very difficult to find out because in general diagnosis often offers after the disease has done its damage.