Apples Can Lead To Heavy Dental Damage

Breaking all our former beliefs about the goodness of Apple some respected researchers have claimed that eating one apple everyday may force to consult dentist. We have a conventional thinking about the food value of apples that eating one apple everyday keep us away from many kinds of diseases; but the study led by the researchers of the King’s College London Dental Institution disclosed the apples are four times more harmful to dental health than carbonated drinks. Besides apples some drinks like wine and lager also cause damage to teeth while on the other hand pickled onions and grapefruits are not at all damaging to teeth, the researchers have informed.

The study does not mean to say that eating apple is harmful. All that the study means to say is not what you eat but how you eat is important in that case. Apples are no doubt good for health but chewing apple slowly may be a threat to dental health. The acidic elements in apple if stay longer on teeth they harm teeth.

We often find that people who drink a lot generally suffer from dental problems but after the study researchers disclosed that instead of blaming the soft drinks like cola, for dental problem we should blame some strong acids included in our foods. For the sake of the study the researchers chose more than 1000 men and women aged between 18 and 30. They tried to discover the link between their diet and dental damage done to the 2mm enamel surface on teeth and to the dentine. The study showed that people who ate at least one apple every day by slowly chewing were recorded to have 3.7 per cent more symptoms of dental damage; while people who were heavy drinkers of carbonated drinks had no additional risk of dental damage.