Apples Damage Our Teeth More Than Cola

Mothers are often found to advice their children to eat as much as possible healthy food such as fruits, instead of drinking carbonated drinks and eating junk foods for the sake of their health. But a recent study has found that eating apple is four times more harmful for teeth than any carbonated drink.

With the sequence to the fact Professor David Bartlett, conducted a study recently and reported that the damage done to our teeth does not only depend on the food we generally eat but on the process of our eating.

The researcher group has observed nearly 1000 men and women of 18 to 30 years of age, who have problem in their teeth. They tried to find out the connection between their food habit and their dental problem. The study showed that men and women, who ate apples were 3.7 times more prone to dental problem than men and women, who drink carbonated drinks like cola.

The study does not mean to show that there are no healthy food values in apples or that apples are injurious to health or more specifically to teeth. Apples are really good for health. But whether it will harm you or supply health to you depends on how you are eating it. If you eat apples fast it will cause no harm to you but if you eat it slowly the high acidity contained in it will damage your teeth. Some types of apples include contents equals to almost four teaspoon of sugar. That severely damages teeth.

Researchers said that some fruit juice contained more acid than carbonated drinks like cola. So drinking these fruit juices can damage your teeth more than what a bottle of cola can.

But researchers have also assured that if one eats apple with cheese or milk the calcium contents of cheese or milk neutralize the acid and do not let it to cause any harm.