Are Diet Soft Drinks A Healthy Alternative?

In a research, it is found that diet soft drinks are not a healthy alternative to sugar sweetened drinks.Scientists believe diet soft drinks are rich in artificial sweetener aspartame which may help raiseblood glucose and a high level of which leads to diabetes. Hazuda, a professor and chief of theDivision of Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Medicine at UT Health Science Centre believes thatpromoting diet soft drinks as an alternative to sweetened carbonated drinks is not a wise advice.

According to a Statistical survey, it has been found that people drinking diet soft drinks witnessincrease in average waist size which was five times greater than for non-users. Diet soft drinksare free from calories but that does not mean it can be taken as an alternative to sweetened softdrinks. It has been found that people who drink diet soft drinks frequently are prone to diseases likediabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

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Actually, diet soft drink increases the fat around the belly area which leads to many chronic diseases.It has been proven by scientists by various researches. Dr Gabriel Fernandes, who is a professorof rheumatology and clinical immunology at UTHSCSA, and colleagues, examined the relationshipbetween consumption of aspartame and fasting glucose and insulin levels in 40 mice that wereprone to diabetes. The diet was same for every mouse but some of the mice were given a certainamount of aspartame which is found in diet soft drinks. After three months, it was found that thosemice whose diet included aspartame gained weight much more than those mice whose diet includednormal foods. Those mice whose diets include aspartame resulted in large perivascular lymphoidaggregate in liver.
From these surveys, it is proven that diet soft drinks should not be taken frequently and shouldnot be considered as an alternative to sweetened soft drinks. These drinks can cause serious liverdamage resulting from the weight gain. These drinks contain aspartame and other ingredientswhich are free from calories but heavy aspartame exposure might potentially directly contribute toincreased blood glucose levels which can lead to diabetes. Thus its intake is not advisable by expertsand doctors since it can lead to serious troubles. You can switch to natural and fresh juices instead ofdrinking these diet soft drinks which is not suitable for your health.