Are You Looking for Asthma Relief

For the past more than fifty years babies and the children were given antibiotics on a regular basis to treat infections. This overuse has resulted in very dangerous resistance to superbugs that we’ve all read about in the news. You most likely are aware now of the fact that infectious micro organisms and fungi that were once curable have become much mightier and even lethal because they have mutated into hardy or resistant strains due to the use of antibiotics. However, what many people and even your own doctor may not be aware of is that antibiotic use also results in an overgrowth of yeast and fungus in the intestinal tract. It has been found out all over the world that more and more people are suffering of this ineffectiveness of the antibiotics.

Finally if this is not treated in time and suitably it can become spread, meaning that it will attack all systems of the body. This fungus or yeast overgrowth contributes to the reducing of the immune system where dangerous cancers and other pathogen overgrowths can expand. The Patients who are looking for asthma relief would benefit by knowing that diseases like asthma and allergies are a result of yeast and fungus overgrowth or candida in the intestinal tract caused by frequent antibiotic use. It was based on study that was conducted in University. The result is prepared from the most recent study done from permanent study about the use of drugs in Asthma on children. The result shows the increase of Asthma risk although the children never have history of any chest infection or history of Asthma disease in the family. Researchers have affirmed that antibiotics prescription in the near the beginning can disturb the balance of the protector microbe in baby’s intestine that can help to fight against disease in early ages of life.

When you take antibiotics, one of the big effects is that they destroy the good bacteria or lactobacillus existing in your intestinal tract. When this happens, the fungus or yeast is permitted to grow unchecked and create an imbalance. The outcome of this unevenness can be allergy and asthma symptoms and other diseases. For getting the credit a few doctors advise their patients to take yogurt and milk supplements immediately after a course of antibiotics to re-implant the bacteria and prevent yeast and other microorganisms from taking over. If this is not prepared each time antibiotics are prescribed, then an overgrowth will take place. This excess usage and the improper use of antibiotics will put definite amount of pressure on bacteria and drive them to develop surviving plans, in this manner increasing the likelihood they will become resistant to the drugs, added De Boeck. Babies and young children normally develop breathlessness when they have a respiratory infection, so doctors may prescribe an antibiotic. Although for some children, that wheezing is an early indication of asthma.