Aspirin Cuts Risk Of Cancer

After a study conducted recently the British researchers have came to the conclusion that taking aspirin every day can cut out the risk of some types of cancer. The researchers found out that those who take aspirin every day have 60 percent less chances of developing some kinds of cancer. Some people inherit cancer from their family. The risk of developing some of these cancers can be cut down by taking aspirin every day.

At first the researchers made the hypothesis that taking aspirin might reduce the risk of cancer. Then they observed 861 people with Lynch syndrome from 16 countries to proof that the pain killer had positive effect in preventing cancer. Lynch syndrome is the medical condition of genes that lead to bowel cancer or some other types of cancers in a very young age.

The researchers prescribed two aspirins or the total amount of 600 mg of aspirin per day to some of the patients and the rest of the patients were given false or dummy pills to take for two years. At first they found no differences of health condition or the risk of developing cancer among those people. Then they decided to observe the selected 861 patients for almost 5 years. After the five years they found remarkable changes of the risk of developing cancer among those patients.

After 5 years by 2010 among those who were given aspirin 19 people were found to develop the risk of bowel cancer while 34 people among those who were given the dummy pills develop cancel. That indicated 44 percent reduced chances among those who took aspirin. The risk of those cancers caused by the Lynch syndrome was reduced to half of the former risk. Among those who took aspirin the risk of developing other cancers was 63 percent less than who did not take it.