Atkins-like Diet Is a Help for Epilepsy Patients

In a latest revelation, researchers at Legacy Research Institute, under the leadership of Detlev Boison, in Portland, have said that eating high fat, low carbohydrate and high protein diet, which is also called a Ketogenic diet or Atkins-like diet, can help people who suffer from epilepsy. Researchers have announced that an Atkins like diet helps the body burn stored fats instead of glucose, which has proved beneficial for epilepsy patients. The diet has been found to have enhanced effects on the epilepsy condition of mice, when compared to the currently available epilepsy drugs.

The study

In the study conducted in mice, the team of researchers found that seizures reduced considerably when they were put on an Atkins diet. This diet reduces the strength of ADK, the protein that triggers epilepsy. ADK decreases the quantity and strength of the adenosine, the antiepileptic agent generated by the body. Further, the team said that putting epilepsy patients on a strict Atkins diet works in reducing seizures where drugs have failed.

Repercussions of the study

This study, according to the researchers, brings to light several important factors that can help in developing effective cure or preventive measures for epilepsy. Researchers working on developing a drug for the condition can use this report as the basis for further work. In addition, in light of this study, special diets can be formulated for epilepsy patients that help in keeping the condition under control. The results of the study has been collaborated with Robert Greene, a researcher with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The researchers are expected to take the study forward and help in isolating the most efficient diet that will help in maximizing the benefits of Atkins diet.

Epilepsy statistics in United States

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and causes seizures. According to the latest research, approximately two million Americans are affected by the condition. Every year, more than 140,000 cases of epilepsy are being diagnosed. The cost estimate of medical expenses incurred by epilepsy patients runs in the range of $15.5 billion. The study conducted by the above mentioned team of researchers is expected to play an important role in bringing down the estimated number of epilepsy cases. In addition to curbing the incidence of epilepsy, Atkins diet helps in enhancing health in several ways such as reducing cholesterol, protecting from cardiovascular disease and increases the quantity of good cholesterol in the body.