Avert Diabetes By Changing Habits

Patients suffering from the silent killer disease need to maintain their eating habits which plays an important role to keep the culprit disease at bay. The disease stops producing or storing glucose in your body which results in the need of artificial intake of insulin. It was normally diagnosed in people over 40 but now a day it is common with not only young people but also small children. Those who are a victim of this disease need to make changes in their eating habits and lifestyles.A culprit that invite diseases

Diabetes is an open invitation to diseases like foot amputations, sightlessness and heart diseases. The victims of the disease are vulnerable to all these and around half of 40 fail to survive the effects of disease. It is extremely important that the patient is well aware of what the disease is and how to fight it.

Eating habits

According to a research held at the Alabama Birmingham reveals that Low fat food is the best way so far to help maintain the disease. The fat you consume in your body the more is the discharge of glucose. Its time you cut down on all the oily creamy and starchy food and keep your glucose secreted normally.

Food which helps

Brown rice is the latest discovery which promises extreme help to maintain you weight and with type 2 diabetes. Nuts, fish and green leafy vegetables are also great ways to prevent this disease. Fruits that are low in starch will also help although the patients can occasionally indulge themselves with a small piece. There should be frequent use of vegetables in your diet. You must take maximum intake of grains and a small serving of low fat dairy product.

Exercise regularly

Eating healthy and with care alone will not help to cure this disease. It is extremely important that you exercise regularly to control your weight. It will not only help to keep your calories in control but also maintain cholesterol level, blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. Keep yourself busy in work that requires physical labor. The lazier you are the more vulnerable you are to the illness. Brisk walk is a good way not only to help the disease but also to maintain fitness level. Educate yourself completely on the illness you will beat the other dangers and can lead a healthy life without any constraint.