Back Pain In Early Days Of Pregnancy

Nearly all pregnant women go through early pregnancy back pain. This is a regular incidence for women in the most touching and beautiful stage of their lives. The majority of them tolerate some amount of pain during the early days of their pregnancy and this pain vanishes by reaching the twentieth week of gestation. The pain gets increased by strain put on the muscles in the left or the right side of the back, which is usually the result of the softening of disks and supporting ligaments due to the increase in the progesterone hormone during the premature stage.

Urinary tract infection happening in pregnancy also increases the chances of back pain, in some cases. At the same time, your body weight increases and your center of gravity is changed which ultimately results in increase in back pain. Exercise and any form of physical activity be it jogging or running is undisputedly the greatest, safest and the most vital action you should take for easing back pain during the early days of pregnancy.

Usually, the early pregnancy back pain is a normal observable fact in this most beautiful period of a woman’s life. A large number of the expected mothers witness and experience some extent of back pain during the early phase of pregnancy and this pain generally subsides after about 20 weeks. Backache or shudder, which is reflected by the widening of muscles or the smoldering pain in the left or the right side of the quadrant, is normally the result of the softening of the supporting ligaments and disks due to an increase in the progesterone hormone during the early phases of pregnancy period.

It has been seen in some of the cases, urinary contamination caused during pregnancy can also result in pain in the back among pregnant women. The extra weight of a pregnant women’s body and the change in her centre of gravity also result in backaches and pain. As the female body is going through so much pain, sleeping and napping is always a good idea to help the body to avoid early pregnancy backaches. One could carry out simple yoga exercises to relieve simple pain.


The most important and safe medication for the treatment of early on pregnancy back pain is work out. This is largely because certain medications for back connected pain is indicated during premature pregnancy. The pelvic rocking ,walking, bridging which is done by lying along on the floor, bending your knees and raising your hips into air, mini-crunches (done by lying down on the floor), bending your knees and lifting your head on exhalation, are good exercises for relief from pack pain during early pregnancy.

Pregnant women carry out these exercises on their own to reduce back pain. The correct body posture and fine body mechanics too play a significant role in keeping one free of early pregnancy back pain. The right posture for avoidance of back pain is standing straight and tall. Though, the importance for correct postures is as necessary in early pregnancy as before that.