Being Skinny Can Harm Pregnancy Issue

Zero figures are the most desirable thing of the women in the present world. Even in expecting women that is a desire to be slim. But a recent study has disclosed that there must be a limit in being slim, because being skinny may effect in Pregnancy Issue. According to the study – skinny women have fewer chances to get pregnant than women, who are even overweight and suffering from obese.

According to the researcher fertility specialist Richard Sherbahn as it has become very normal to pay attention to the problems of overweight, ladies during pregnancy we often overlook the problems of the underweight ladies during pregnancy. Dr Sherbahn, of the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago for the result chose 2500 sessions of IVF that were continued in his clinic in eight years of time period. He divided those women among three groups depending on their size and weight. Among the three groups the first group contained normal women although some of them would be considered as overweight in the UK. The second group contained women, who were dangerously obese and the third group contained the extremely thin women. His observation revealed that 50 percent of normal women had children and 45 percent of the obese women had children, while only 34 percent of extremely thin women had children.

According to his research all of the women produced almost equal number of eggs. So it is clear that the problem arises in later stage. According to him it may be the cause that because of the undernourishment of the Wombs of the Skinny Women the embryos found it difficult and sometimes impossible to implant in the wombs. So according to him – women should be aware of the proper shape, size and weight of them and they should maintain their body according to doctors’ instruction to avoid problems during pregnancy.