Big Babies Need Not Be Healthy Babies – says Report by National Academy of Sciences

Contrary to general perception, researches have now revealed that babies that are born big need not necessarily be healthy. They are at a higher risk of facing health problems like diabetes and obesity. A majority of babies that are born overweight end up being obese in their youth. Further, babies who put on abnormal weight after birth also face heightened health hazards.


The National Academy of Sciences, the institute that made the study, has recommended that proper diet and nutrition considerations are important to ensure that babies do not put on unconditional weight. The researchers also said that action has to be taken to prevent obesity in babies so that they can lead a healthy adult life. The director of the Pennsylvania State University, department of Center for Childhood Obesity Research, Leann Birch said that the common conception that big babies are healthy babies is wrong. Birch, who also headed the team that issued the report on the study, said that the results of the observations conducted over the past number of years is conclusive of the fact that people who are obese in the beginning few years of their lives are more prone to health problems.

Obesity statistics in America

According to the report, the obesity percentage in children between birth and the age of two is 2%. The report further states that parents need to ensure that children spend less time in front of the television and more in activities that require rigorous physical movement. Good sleep is another major criterion in the beginning years. The food they eat has to be healthy and nutritious. Junk food at a young age can cause disastrous repercussions in terms of putting on unhealthy weight.

Big babies tend to be obese

Babies who do not receive proper exercise and nutritious food turn out to be big, which in turn causes obesity as they grow up. Breast milk is one of the prime elements that keep babies healthy. Recent studies have also shown that babies who are on an exclusive diet of breast milk for the first six months are the healthiest. The immunity in such babies is also higher when compared to babies who grow on other foods. Although chubby babies are cute, they may not necessarily be healthy. This report is a revelation for all the mothers who fret that their babies are not chubby. For the babies’ own good, it is good that they are not.