Binge Drinking Can Even Damage Teenager’s Memory

A new study that has formed little days earlier has stated drinking occasionally for the teenage girls may be okay somehow, but too much consumption can even damage their memory also.

By keeping link with the entire fact Clinical & Experimental Research journal has reported “Through out the study the researchers have found that binge drinking is directly involved with the part of brain which in general controls memory spatial awareness in young women and which is the updated edition of Alcoholism.”

It happens because the teenage girl’s brains are much more vulnerable in term of alcohol harming and it develops earlier than a man. So, to justify the main purpose of the research the researchers have involved more than 95 adolescents of between the age limit of 16 to 19 years.

Aside from that Binge drinking women can be described as those kinds of women who usually take more than 4 glasses of wine or 3 points of beer at one sitting. But in cases of man this figure move around four points of beer or a bottle of wine.

There after the same test has been performed over 24 females and 31 males, who do not drink heavily, in order to compare the main reason.

Moreover, the reports of MRI scan are stating that female teenage, who drinks heavily, may get less brain activation in several regions of brain than those who do not drink ever. They have suggested that it can even create some problems in some area also including playing sports, involving with complex moves, driving, using a map or recalling how to get somewhere.

In this regard Susan Tapert, the professor of psychiatry of the University of California as well as lead author of this study, has stated “these differences in the brain activity may even affect the other function of brain also including working memory as well as concentration.”

The study has also described working memory means, such part of memory which always engaged with store information that are moving throughout your mind at the time of your work such as adding up numbers, calculating etc. Though, it even may be involved with reasoning and logical thinking.