Binge Drinking-Effects On Young Adults

The University of Cincinnati has made a study recently which has shown that binge drinking among the young adults and adolescents can even cause for serious damage to a brain that is still under development. The entire research team was carried out by researchers Tim McQueeny, who is a doctoral student in the UC Department of Psychology.

The entire study was done between the people of 18 to 25 years age and in this study a high resolution brain scan was made between the 29 weekend binge drinkers. The study found that binge drinking is directly linked up with cortical thinning of the pre-frontal cortex, which is the most important parts of human brain and linked up with executive functioning including planning as well as making decisions, paying attention, processing emotions and controlling the impulses which always lead the brain towards irrational behavior.

Moreover, McQueeny examines the brain’s gay matter, which is a part of the brain involves with thinking, transmitting and receiving of the messages.

With the reference to the fact he also said “We already have studied all the evidence which is saying clearly that binge drinking is associated with reduced integrity in the white matter of the brain’s highways which is communicating with neuron messaging, but I am sorry to say that alcohol may affect on the gray matter differently than the white matter.”

The pilot study could also see a link line between bridge drinking and gray matter thickness among the college-aged young adults. Even the research or the study has also found the greater number of binge is directly associated with cortical thinning.

McQueesy also said “Alcohol might behave as a neurotoxin to the neuron cells and even it could be interacting with possibly altering the ways and developmental factors with the help of which the brain is still growing.”

McQueeny also added that the depressant effects of alcohol may even be emerged in the later life, so in case of young adults the effects of alcohol can be activated tolerance and very stimulating over the time.