Blood Sugar Control for Diabetics Type 1 May Be Improved By Medication

The researchers of the University of Buffalo has already made a new study which stated that each of the person with type 1 diabetics might be able to improve their HbA1c test scores significantly just by taking the drug liragutide with their treatment regimen.

Though the entire medication is currently made for the treatment of the type 2 diabetics, but the researchers told that it could be simultaneously used for existing patients of type 1 diabetics, additionally there could have some individual advantages for these individuals.

The entire study was made by involving on the activities of 14 type 1 diabetics patients, who were prescribed for their medication, though the researchers found that somewhere it might improve their blood sugar control also. This can be said a particularly noticeable fact because all the patient within this study were chosen specially, while they had some relatively good control over their blood sugar level.

In this matter the team of researchers of the University of Buffalo said “The existing patients of Type 1 Diabetics are still experiencing the episode of high or low blood sugar, even though they are maintaining their condition well.”

But the main fact is which the leader of the study said that such kind of medication could even be the biggest advancement on the area of the treatment of type 1 diabetes since the time while insulin was made available.