Body Movements Can Reveal States Of Mind And Detect Truth

Be careful! Your hips can reveal if you are lying. It may sounds strange, but it is true. Some researchers from the Swansea University have claimed that whether a person is telling a truth or not can be judged from his walking style. We can differentiate between his telling a truth and lying by identifying the differences between his various walking styles. Walking style can tell a person’s health condition, the researchers have claimed.

Scientists also mentioned that whether one is going to fall ill can be predicted by analyzing his walking style.

The leader of the team Prof. Rory Wilson has recorded more than hundred movements every second by using his self made device which can be worn on belt or ankle. He has named the device the “Daily Diary” which was created to observe the activities of penguins.

Researchers have mentioned that by using that device they will be able to differently spot 50 to 100 behavioral changes that take in every second. By spotting out and analyzing those behavioral activities it will be easy to understand a person’s mood, physical condition or mental state without the person’s knowledge.

As the device is like a developed version of truth detector, it is expected to be very useful for police. For more satisfaction the researchers have already tried the device on human being and have become successful in differentiating their various moods or states of minds.

However they researcher team has not yet published the details of their study result. But they have already claimed about the effectiveness of the device in detecting truth and states of mind.

At present the lie detecting devices works on the basis of sudden changes in heart beats, sweating and brain activities. But the new device instead of doing the same things will simply rely on detecting body movements.