Botox Is Not a Good Long Term Option – Say Specialists

Botox is only a short-term enhancer
Although women all over the world have gone gaga over the use of Botox infections, latest studies reveal that the injections can cause marred looks as the user ages. It has been observed that using Botox consistently from a young age can cause early aging. Women who can look good naturally in their middle and late middle age lose their beauty and have to be dependent on the drug to sustain good looks. While it was middle-aged women who used to undergo Botox treatment, the trend has changed alarmingly. Children as young as eight years old are being treated with Botox.

Teen Botox is a disaster
Young skin is naturally elastic and has a rich sheen on its own. Interfering with natural body system at such a young age can have disastrous repercussions. Unfortunately, mothers have been found to be supportive of the cause and are encouraging their young daughters to be treated with the drug. It is gross misinterpretation that undergoing treatment at a young age will prevent wrinkles in adulthood. According to the latest studies, exactly the converse of this is true. Rather than prevent wrinkles, Botox increases the incidence of wrinkles, as a girl grows older. Owing to the dangerous repercussions of Botox in the teen ages, the term teen-toxing has been evolved.


Teens and children do not have wrinkles
Mothers who have taken to treating their pre-teen and teenage daughters to Botox need to understand that at such a young age, girls do not develop wrinkles. The natural elasticity of the skin keeps it supple and prevents wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused in progressive ages as the elasticity of the skin reduces and becomes more plastic. Facial expressions are often mistaken for wrinkles. Parents should provide counseling to children and teenagers and educate them regarding the harmful effects of using Botox at a young age.

Causes for early wrinkles
However, due to different factors like exposure to pollution, use of heavy chemical cosmetics and high stress levels, wrinkles are being seen in women, who are in their early thirties or late twenties as well. However, the problem can be solved by regular facial massages that will improve blood circulation in the skin, eating many foods that are rich in vitamin A, C and antioxidants and drinking lots of water and juices. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided. Use of Botox should be postponed until the 40’s.

Botox is an anti-aging treatment
Botox should strictly be used as an anti-aging treatment and not as a beauty enhancer in youthful years. Botox is a solution for wrinkles and not a preventive measure. Doctors should take the responsibility of educating people about the right use of Botox. The recent survey that revealed that the trend of teen-toxing is on a rise is very alarming. Teenagers could end up losing their natural looks and could begin to look aged while still young. Sooner is not better as far as Botox is concerned. Long-term affects of Botox can lead todisastrous repercussions.