Boundless Cigarette Smoking May Stimulate Prostate Cancer Risk

Regular Smokers in specifically the men may get some benefit from seeking PSA testing sometimes in the upcoming days. In reference to the fact a new kind of study has done in San Francisco at the Harvard School Of Public Health And The University Of California, which stated that smoking of the cigarettes might be built up an increasing risk of prostate cancer.

Stacey Kenfield, leader of the study team of Harvard School Of Public Health Department OF Epidemiology said  “Through our overall study we found equivalent results in both of the prostate cancer mortality as well as prostate cancer recurrence and the overall data had taken together in order to provide further support that smoking might increase the risk of prostate cancer somehow. ”

In this study all the team members analyzed the data which they collected from the medical records of near about 5,400 people, generally the men. This result surprisingly showed that the regular smokers who were suffering from prostate cancer were more likely die 61%, where the survivors as well as condition were more than 61% prone to a recurrence of the tumor.

In general cases we all know that smoking has already involved with many things such as emphysema, lung cancer etc. So, this study is the first link line to connect tobacco to prostate cancer. The researchers also said that they expected that their findings should provide the men proper reason to give up this poisonous habit.