Brain study could help in detecting autism in children

Dr. Ilan Dinstein and his team of doctors and researchers from Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel found a new study that states that early signs of weaker synchronization of right and left sides of the brain of a child could help in detecting Autism in toddlers. Children with this condition show weaker harmonization between their brain’s language areas situated at both sides. The researchers gauged the neutral activities of the toddlers in sleep and discovered that kids with lowest sync between both sides of brain possess most critical difficulties in communication. These finding are of great help to diagnose this condition among the one year old kids.

According to the lead doctor, Ilan Dinstein, the neurons inside various parts of the normal brain that are involved in any specific function like language or vision and other are always in great harmony with each other even when the person or the child is at sleep. They did their study over the sleeping children with autism as during sleep mind is at least activity states and such a state is ideal to detect any fluctuation in the functionality of neurons inside the brain.

Autism in children

Their study throws light over the fact that inside the minds of the toddlers with autism, there is a lack of this sync in the brain especially in the areas responsible for communication and language abilities. Such kids does not possess harmonize neuron assembly in their brains due to which they face difficulties in communication and coordination. For normal development of brain and sound functioning of neurons inside it, there are several things that should be set right so that a normal sync is created between several brain areas. The neurons inside the brain should deliver and receive their specified messages properly and different parts of the brain should be coordinated properly as well. If any wiring inside the brain during its development is faulty, the child may suffer from autism.

Later he added to his study that proper brain analysis is a must so that signs of autism can be detected at the early stages which could help in determining better treatments that could help to some extent to solve the adversities of this condition. Proper care by the family and medical aid is required to help these children live up with autism and lead less challenging life.