Breast Cancer Can Still Be Best Detected By Mammograms And Breast Exams

Latest research has revealed that breast examination and mammograms are still the best way of diagnosing cancers. Among the millions of breast cases in the world, one third of the cancers or tumors are detected by self examination or breast exam by a doctor. Although certain recent studies have found results that say that these conventional methods are not very effective in cancer detection, the current survey has proved them wrong. A majority of cases are being detected by conventional sources.Dr. Jamie Caughran, one of the lead authors of the study said that the conventional examinations such as tissue palpation and mammogram are the most widely used and the most effective ways of detecting cancer. The study will be presented in San Francisco, in the 2011 Breast Cancer Symposium. The convention begins on Thursday, the 8th of September.

Prior to the convention, the report was released on Tuesday for the first time. Younger women utilize the knowledge of breast examination. There was a lot of opposition in 2009, when the US Preventive Services Task Force, made an announcement that regular breast check up was not necessary until the age of fifty. There are a number of cases of breast cancer that is being diagnosed in women as young as their thirties. The Task Force also said that mammogram was to be carried out every two years, another announcement that caused a lot of opposition. Yearly mammograms are essential, especially in these days when cancer cases are becoming very common. As per the reports released before the report of the Task Force, mammograms were suggested beginning from the age of forty.

Caughran said that the report of the Task Force was very surprising and controversial. Such wrong guidance can have adverse affects on both patients and doctors since such reports can influence their judgment. The lead author of the study is also the medical director at Lacks Cancer Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the department of Comprehensive Breast Center.

Women are affected by breast cancer in large numbers. However, the cancer affecting the most number of women is cancer of the skin. Breast cancer comes second in the list. These two cancers are also the leading killers among all cancers. Of the 6000 cases of women who had gone through cancer that were considered for the study, it was found that 33% was through manual self or doctor examination and the rest were through mammograms. In the 33%, 90% were self examined and only the remaining few cases were diagnosed by doctors.