Breast Cancer Is Now Treated By Drug Combo

A new study has broadcasted that combination of the targeted therapies, which is known for playing different role in the field of breast cancer, can even offer for a personalized therapy approach in order to treat the women with the advanced stage of this disease.

Now it has found using of Afinitor and Herceptin, has become the main treatment for the HER2-positive barest cancer. Because, it already has helped some women also with this existing disease that has made a resistant to previous Herceptin-based therapies.

PK Morrow, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Breast Medical Oncology and a co- assistant as well as author of this study stated “Transtuzumab or Herceptin has already respond well in the body of many patients, but it is sorry to say near about 30 percent of those patient with this advanced existing disease have not made any respond to this drug, though it is combined with chemotherapy.”

He also added “If the metastatic breast cancer patients with HER2-positive has even responded to Herceptin, then the disease eventually progress by basing on a Herceptin-based therapy.”

Eventually the resistance to Herceptin has already linked up with the activation of the pathway of PI3K  mTOR cancer. In this regard PTEN, a protein which can even act as a tumor suppressor, can even construct P13K. Though, earlier studies have proved that in the absence of PTEN, in general cancer pathway of mTOR may be activated.

Afinitor is quite being able to overcome this resistance by inhibiting the pathway of mTOR.

With the sequence to the fact Morrow said “The combination of these two agents always offers the patients with a HER2-positive breast cancer as well as a chemotherapy-free option.”

The entire study has published earlier at the Journal of Clinical Oncology.