Brest Feeding Can Save The Life Of 20,000 Child

A new survey has stated if 90% of mothers gives their child only breast milk for the next sixth months then more than 20,000 of death under the age of five years can be prevented every year, but the shocking fact is that only 30 percent of mothers are following this.

With the respect to the above fact Dr. D. Gunasingh, a Child Specialist from the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, has stated “Every year more than 1.65 lakh patient under the age of five years die due to the lack of exclusive breastfeeding during the time period of first six months from the infant.”

Dr. D. Gunasingh at the World Breast Feeding Week in the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children has stated “The existing guidelines of the government have suggested all the newborns should be feed at list on time of breast feed within half an hour of birth, but the matter of fact is that more than 40 % of the child births are now

happening under the C-Scan deliveries, due to that being in totally pain mother often unable to give their child breast milk. More often they skip that feeding even up to three days, but they should remember giving breast feed to their child during that period is too much necessary for their new born, because it will increase their protecting power against infections.”

Not only he said but using a doll he also demonstrated how can a mother feed a baby without shifting her sides after the time of C- scan. In this matter she may keep the baby flat on her abdomen or may reverse the baby over her shoulders. But if it will still painful to her then she can take the help of someone for holding the baby near her breast.