Broccoli – New Means to Reduce Cancer

Cancer – the deadly killer

It is a known fact that cancer is one of the most painful and deadly disease. Although there have been a combination of several therapies designed for it, it is important that we analyze the main reason behind it. The fact that most of the cancer drugs designed have laid more emphasis on killing of the cancer cells rather than understanding the actual drug mechanism behind it, indeed lead to failure in some cases. However, these trails were expensive enough and only helped in extending the lives of the diseased.  Cure can be provided only if diagnosed in the initial stages.Medicine for cancer

Cancer can occur in any of the cells present in the body. Nevertheless, different kinds of cancers have been discovered and the studies have provided a treasure trove of information to the problem. According to the recent analysis, a substance called Sulforaphane present in broccoli, not only targets the cancer cells but also kills them, thereby leaving the normal cells unaffected. This substance is safe while it is used in therapies for prevention of cancer. The phytochemical is now being targeted by the pharmaceutical industries.

How is broccoli effective against cancer?

The mechanism behind it is simple. This chemical sticks to the defective protein, which is found in the cancerous cells. The fact that this substance binds only to the defective protein thereby leaving normal cells has formed a new basis in solving cancer. It will help in restoring of the cellular function to normal.

The study and research

Emily Ho, the spearhead behind this analysis at Linus Pauling Institute from Oregon State University, Corvallis, has discovered that Broccoli and other cruciferous fruits include Histone Deacetylase or HDAC enzymes that are responsible for the normal functioning of the cells. This will block the defective genes that are associated with the growth of tumor. Tests have been conducted on mice and proved successful. According to the University of Illinois, it has been found that the effectiveness of this method depends on the quantity of broccoli consumed.

Better safe than sorry – consume the right diet

The number of people suffering from cancer has increased alarmingly. The treatments must reduce the suffering. It is important to develop optimism towards the different therapies and treatments being developed. Remember, there is always a scope for improvement. You must avoid the factors that trigger cancer and go for a healthy diet, as “Prevention is better than Cure”.