Calcium Doesn’t Build Denser Bone But Prevent Preeclampsia

There used to be a belief that taking calcium before pregnancy is must for expecting mothers, because calcium helps building the denser bones in women and it also reduces the chances of having a pre matured baby or a under – weight baby. But a recent study has proved this belief to be a rumor, as according to the study no calcium supplement can help in building denser bones in expecting mothers’ body or prevent pre – matured baby or give baby its proper weight. The study result was published in the most recent issue of the famous The Cochrane Library.

The MD of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Khon Kaen University in Thailand, Dr. Pranom Buppasiri along with his co researchers, after running a study, has commented that calcium has absolutely no effect or extra benefit on the health of expecting mother or her baby. But they have also accepted that calcium is not completely useless, because having a particular quantity of calcium in expecting mother’s body is very much needed to avoid the hypertension, which is often associated with pregnancy.

In that context, we must mention preeclampsia. Every expecting mother should be aware of preeclampsia. It is a very serious condition of body, when body goes under constant attack of hypertension and protein starts to flow with urine. This condition gradually leads to a number of serious complications for both mother and her baby. The immediate effect of the condition is that it forces the body of the expecting mother to give birth to her baby before the set time of delivery. That often causes harm to baby. Very low birth baby is one of the common effects of that fatal condition.

Dr. Bupparsiri has also said that calcium itself is quiet being able to put  completely stop to preeclampsia.