Californian Govt. Banned Tanning Beds For Teenagers

Tanning has become a must thing to the girls in western countries nowadays. They are just crazy after this without thinking about its later results. Most of them are not aware of the dangers that are caused by tanning.

The House of Medicine in California has disclosed the dangers that are caused by the act of sun tanning. They have reported that the ultra violet rays of sun produce radiation from the tanning beds and this leads to cancer. Govt. of California is taking many useful measures to prevent people from being suffered by skin cancer. Sometimes ago the Govt. of California passed a bill that denied the right of the minors of and under the age of 14 to use the tanning beds. That time they allowed the teenagers above the age of 14 to use the tanning beds under their parents’ supervision. But most recently the Govt. of California has signed a bill to snatch the right of using the tanning beds from those under the age of 18. The governor Jerry Brown signed the bill yesterday. The law will be active from 1st January, 2012. California is the first state to take such a step and the Govt. of California must be praised for taking such a step.

No doubt this raises a huge dissatisfaction among the teenagers against the govt., but there are many reasons to support the decision of the Californian Govt. The legislature has said that when the Govt. has passed the bill they keep in mind the well being of the people of California. The only reason behind signing the bill was to secure the health issues of the people.

The state senator Ted Lieu encouraged the Govt. and said that taking such a step was really necessary to prevent the young residents of California.