Can I Get a Pregnancy Test in Nashville?

Unfortunately, home pregnancy tests are not reliable for every woman. Sometimes it is necessary to get a pregnancy blood test to guarantee accurate results. In Nashville, Health Testing Centers can provide these tests quickly and without hassle. A traditional doctor’s office may end up taking days to provide a simple blood test pregnancy result. This is not the case with Health Testing Centers. All 1400 locations can generally provide fast results. Most of the time results are available within two days or less. Blood pregnancy tests are considered far more accurate than urine stick tests because they measure the amount of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood. When a woman is pregnant, the HCG levels tend to increase dramatically. While urine tests are accurate, there are occasionally factors that can skew the results. This is not the case with blood tests. Most doctors can also determine the date of conception by looking at blood test results. This is not possible with a home pregnancy test. It is best to wait until one day after a period is missed before getting a pregnancy blood test. If the test is performed any sooner, the results may not be as accurate. Many women do get false negatives on home pregnancy tests because they tested too early. This can happen with blood tests as well. So back to the original question: can I get a pregnancy blood test in Nashville? A woman in the Nashville area who is interested in getting a blood pregnancy test can have it set up quickly and easily through Health Testing Centers. It is possible to schedule an appointment either online or over the phone. In most cases waiting for an appointment is not necessary. The lab test can often be performed the same day the request is made and the results are 100 percent confidential. Many women put off getting a blood test because they fear it will be expensive. Fortunately, Health Testing Centers in Nashville and other areas are very reasonable with their prices. It is typically possible to get a blood pregnancy test for under $100. In the off chance that an error is made, Health Testing Centers stands behind their 100 percent money-back guarantee.