Cancer Patients Can Get Some Relief From Music

A freshly made study has stated that listening to music is quiet well to alive anxiety in cancer patients; on the other hand it always left some positive effects on their mood, quality and pain of life.

To make sure about that fact the researchers in the Cochrane systematic review have involved more than 1,891 patients whom they have offered for music or music therapy sessions of a 30 days period.

Within those they have used thirteen trials by using trained music therapists, while on the other 17 they have used pre-recorded music.

The results that have come out through out the whole observation have shown in spite of different standard treatment, only music itself can reduce anxiety considerably by basing on the clinical anxiety scores. On the other hand the results also indicated that this music therapy may somehow enhance their quality of life.

In this matter, the scientists have also found its benefit for mood and pain, though as they told that it don’t provide any benefit in depression.

On the other hand the scientists have stated that they have additionally found some improvement on respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate.

Joke Bradt, professor of Department of Creative Arts Therapies from the Drexel University in Philadelphia America and the lead author of this study, has stated “The entire evidences are suggesting that the invention of music can even play the key role at the field of treatment of cancer.”

Later he has added “Within this review they have provided those cancer patients both music therapists and pre-recorded music, but quite successfully both have respond well.”

So, this invention will be quite helpful for those people who have been suffering from cancer.