Cancer Patients May Lose Their Vital £100 Within A Week

A leading cancer charity of the UK has claimed that more than 3000 of the cancer patient all over the country of UK are going to lose approximately £100 a week in order to get benefit under welfare reforms.

Under this Welfare Reform Bill there a lots of patients may even need to have their Employment as well as Support Allowance (ESA), though they can remove that after one year. Also Macmillan Cancer Support organization estimates that approximately greater than 3000 of the cancer patient will be affected due to this, because they lived without any kind of financial support at the time when they are simply unable to return their works.

But in this regard the Government statics show that near about 94% of the claims including the cancer patients will still need for the ESA after one year.

Heather Monteverde, Macmillan’s General Manager For Northern Ireland said “Many cancer patients already share their opinion with us that how worried they are with the Government decision for taking away their benefits before they have properly recovered. Those people still wants to work but the simple fact in this purpose is that it can even take a long time to be recovered from cancer.” Also Macmillan is doing campaign for this bill in order to be amended for every cancer patient who is eligible for non means tested ESA.