Cancer Risk Increases With Certain Kinds Of Lifestyle And Environmental Influences

Risk of cancer is largely associated with lifestyle and environmental factors. Although there are hereditary roots for cancer, improper and unhealthy lifestyle can often be the major trigger for the onset of the disease. Recent research on the subject has released a priority list that lists lifestyle habits that causes the most damage. The authors of the study have estimated that the biggest cause of cancer is smoking, which is responsible for 19.4% of cancer cases. The study has been conducted keeping the population of United Kingdom in mind.

In addition to smoking, which is a major cause for lung cancer, mouth cancer and kidney cancer, the next most potent factor is a bad diet. Meals that are devoid of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients make the body susceptible to cancer. The risk associated with this factor increase with a decrease in the amount of fibers. The study also found that excessive intake of salt and sugars could contribute positively to increase the risk. In order to obtain enhanced benefits against cancer, a lot of organically grown fruits and vegetables need to be included in the meal.

The third biggest contributor of cancer is obesity. Being overweight can cause a number of hormonal changes in the body, which can lead to abnormal functioning of the body parts. Although the exact way in which obesity causes cancer is not known, it has been noticed that risk of cancer increases as the body mass index increases on the obesity scale. Alcohol is another very important contributor of cancer. 4% of all cancer cases are caused due to excessive intake of alcohol. On the other hand, one glass of red wine per day can have the opposite effect on the body. Red wine is known to decrease the risk of cancer substantially owing to the presence of a lot of antioxidants in it.

The study brings to light certain important factors that need to be controlled or avoided in order to reduce the risk of cancer. Giving up tobacco is one of the foremost ways of shielding oneself against cancer. This can help in protecting a person against a whole range of cancers. The other change to make is in the diet. Proteins and fibers need to be included in the diet in generous proportions. This also helps in fighting obesity. Restricting alcohol to one glass of red wine per day is another effective way of protecting oneself against different kinds of cancers.