Candies for cash

Just in time for the Halloween, dentists fear that too many candies may destroy the teeth of the children that are going to their clinic. The dentists do not want to destroy the spirit of the holiday so they are trying to buy the candies from the children, so that the children can still enjoy Halloween without eating candies.

A 10 year-old from Port Orange says that he likes the idea since he does not want to eat candies. Good thing, that his dentist is one of the participants in the program that exchanges candies for cash. The boy added that he will just use the money to buy a video game since he wear a brace and can not eat candies.

His mom also supports the idea.

To minimize the consumption of candies during Halloween, Dr. Mark Mathias of DeLand Smiles dentistry and Barnes and McDonnell Pediatric Dentistry office in Port Orange offers a dollar for every pound Halloween candy.

Dr. Daniel Barnes says he hates taking away Halloween from the kids since this is the time for enjoying the occasion.

However, since their job is to take care of the teeth, Barnes and his partner, Dr. Sean McDonnell, desires to give youngsters the chance to lighten their sugar load by bartering some of their sweet treats for cold, hard cash at the same time as not diminishing the fun of collecting costumed candy.

The Port Orange dentists and their DeLand corresponding person, both in their fifth year, in the program, are just part of an even increasing number of dentists in the vicinity and across the country that participates in the “Halloween Candy Buy Back” campaign. Wisconsin dentist Chris Kammer got the credits of starting the national effort in 2006.

No less than eight other dentists members of the Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association, participate in the program.

Barnes estimated about 300 to 400 pounds of candy last year got exchanged for cash. The candies came from both patients and non-patients.

While Barnes and McDonnell keep the candies until no one can eat them, Mathias got a different way in disposing the candies.

They send it to the US soldiers overseas since candies area reliable source of energy during combat. The candies can also be given to the local children thus strengthening the bond between the US forces and the locals.

Mathias accepts candy (up to 5 pounds per person) from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at his DeLand office, 158 McGregor Road. Participants will not only get some cash from the unwanted candies, but will also get a raffle ticket so that they could enter a contest in order to win a $100 gift card to Family Fun Town.