Cell Phone Is Not Linked To Brain Tumours

According the latest fact a new Danish study has stated that using cell phone has made no longer relationship with the brain tumor.

In the purpose of the study the researchers included near about 2.9 million dances, who participated in this study to justify this purpose over more than 11 years. The entire results of the study had shown that there were not any symptoms of developing these tumors, which globally known as vestibular schwannomas, on them than those people who used their cell phones for a shorter period or not at all.

Though, the earlier reports of the studies were stated brain tumor usually developed at the right side of the brain by using cell phones, this happened because people usually holds their cell phones on the right side of their ear.

But, in this case Danish study is stating that there are not any link between the brain tumor and the cell phone usage.

With the sequence to the fact the researchers stated “Vestibular schwannomas generally originate as a part of the brain, which in general absolves the entire energy from the cell phones or electromagnetic field.”

Later they also added “If this happens then the entire tumor will grow slowly, which will generally take more than 11 years to grow. So, we are now requesting the participants to continue their same aim for next few years in order to notice the vestibular schwannomas.”

The entire report has published at the journal of My Health News Daily this week.