Chemo Therapy Plays An Effective Role In Breast Cancer Surgery

A freshly made study has indicated that chemotherapy can play a lead role at the area of BCT or Breast Conserving Therapy like earlier or after. Through out the entire study the researchers have found that neoadjuvant chemotherapy, which usually given before the surgery, quite successfully shrinks breast cancer tumors and leads them towards more terrible area with BCT. That’s why at that time a lumpectomy is generally used in order to remove the portion of best where the reduction needs to be done.

To determine the entire fact the team of researchers has involved more than 3000 women between the year of 1987 to 2005, whom they treated for breast cancer and the results have stated that BCT in general offers for high rates of cancer control in few patients.

With in the period of study near about 78 percent of patients had got chemotherapy after surgery, while others 22 had got that before surgery. But, there were also few women with more cancers symptoms and more adverse prognostic factors, whom were provided chemotherapy before the operation.

But five and ten years local regional recurrence for free survival rates were excellent at that moment for both of the groups that was 97 percent and 94 percent respectively and the more interesting thing was that they all were received chemotherapy before the surgery.

With the sequence to the fact Elizabeth Ann Mittendorf, Managing Director as well as lead author of the study, has stated “If we take a look at few adverse features like grade and stage of the cancer then we can easily determine several factors also that is patient age, tumor hormone expression as well as survival rates etc.”

She has also said “If a women is suffering with clinical Stage 2 or 3 breast cancer, then he or she may get good results with BCT after chemotherapy, even she does not ever need for a mastectomy.”

The entire finding was published at the Breast Cancer Symposium 2011.