Children Suffering With Leukemia Have Difference In Survival Rates Depending On Social Status

According to latest studies, children belonging to different social strata have different survival rate. It has been found that children from more affluent or prosperous backgrounds have a better rate of survival when compared to children from lower classes of the society.Hundreds of cases of leukemia are detected among children every year. The most common kind of blood leukemia cancer is the acute lymphoblastic leukemia, known in short as ALL. The duration of treatment varies from two to three years depending on the gender. Girls require treatment for lower duration when compared to boys. The procedure for treatment is complicated. The entire treatment procedure has been divided into different phases. The first phase of the treatment involves trying to curb the aggression of the cancer.

In this phase, a child is expected to live in the hospital. According to the current study, all children, whether rich or poor, show similar improvements in the first hospital stage.

For the present study, children diagnosed and treated for leukemia between 1991 and 1996 were considered. The patients were divided based on their social background such as father’s profession and income of the family. While all showed equal improvement in the beginning, differences began to be evident after 9 months of treatments, 6 in some cases. At this stage, parents played a major role in caring and maintaining the child. Further, a person inflicted with cancer requires years of drug administration. Twelve week cycles are followed for giving drugs. The amount of drug administered change with the year. It is very important to continue with these drugs so as to reduce the risk of re-occurrence of the disease.

Lead researcher of the study said that it is difficult for all families to bear the cost of cancer medication. As a result, the risk of recurrence of cancer is higher in families that cannot afford treatment for their children. According to the lead researcher, more research is necessary in order to know about various repercussions of leukemia cancer. The research also suggests that the play way method of learning about different cancer and their treatment methods. Owing to the new methods that are in vogue now, a large number of children are able to live with their cancers. However, differences in social strata causes a problem in regular care and maintenance and hence, it is necessary to develop medicines that are affordable for all families.