Children with Depressed Mothers Benefit From Child Care Centers

Children need a positive growing environment

Children grow and develop to the optimum extent when they are given a healthy and positive home. However, due to enormous work related stress in addition to the pressure of multitasking, mothers tend to be irritable and depressed. Children in such households suffer behavioral disorders and can turn out to be violent and aggressive individuals. In contrast, children may also grow up to be moody and depressed like their mothers.Efficient childcare centers can help

A new study has reinforced the fact about children with depressed mothers growing up WO have serious behavioral troubles. Children who grow up in emotionally stressed environments were seen to improve when placed in day care units even for short durations. This improvement was not found when children were left with nurses or relatives. The study comes as a welcome breather for mums who are ridden with guilt and yet cannot help their children.  According to Dr. Pete Richel, who is the chief of pediatrics in the Northern Westchester Hospital of Mt. Kisco, New York, said that the study is good news for all the mums who suffer from depression.

Maternal depression and its effects on children

In the study that was carried out by Dr. Lynne Giles, University of Adelaide, depression among mothers is on the rise due to different factors. For the study, four hundred and fifty depressed mothers were considered. The study found that mothers who were depressed when the kids were between two and three and a half years of age were more likely to notice serious behavioral changes in their children. Mothers who participated in the study stated reasons for putting their children in childcare centers. Mothers reported that while children at home did display behavior disorders due to their depression, they showed a marked improvement when sent to childcare centers. The problems in children were observed up to the age of five years.

Children in childcare are happier and display normal behavior

The study also took into consideration the inputs of childcare centers. It was observed that children of depressed mothers who went to childcare are happier and display normal behavior when compared to those who stayed at home. This positive change was found even when children spent only half a day in childcare.

Childcare is mutually beneficial to mothers and children

Childcare is beneficial not only to children but to mothers as well. It was found that mothers who left their children in childcare centers were able to cope with their depression better and recover faster.