Cocaine May Cause Silent Heart Damage

A recent study has found that the usage of cocaine can silently damages user’s hearts, not only that it may even lead them towards heart attack as well as sudden death also.

Few days ago the researchers found that near about 83 percent of long term cocaine users are suffering from a structural damages to the heart that includes swelling as well as tissue scramming, despite any other symptoms of heart disease.

One in each of the five cocaine users are now facing inflamed or mycarditis heart muscle that may even lead them towards the failure of heart as well as heart attack, according to the past report.

Also the cocaine users within the age group of 45 have now also been linked to 1 in 4 non fetal heart attacks.

In this regard the scientists of the G.Monasterio Foundation have already carried out a list of tests among 30 long term cocaine users in spite of any heart problems or heart disease, which includes ECG or monitoring electrical activity over 24 hours, magnetic resonance imaging of the heart or CMR and blood tests. The CMR reports stated that near about 83 percent of group has now sustained structural damage to the heart.

It can find that near about a half had now swelling of the hart’s left chamber while the other two is reasonable for pumping blood all around the body.

The researchers also stated that 3 out of 4 cocaine users are also facing scarring on heart tissue which can even be resulted for a silent heart attack or toxic damage. Here is not over the researchers have also pointed out that while the tissue are swelling then there must be an indication of recent cocaine use usually, which creates the permanent damages in the heart.

The researchers also said that long term cocaine users may even need to be screened due to the heart problems.