Color Red Increases Bodily Energy

As it is an age of internet, we easily can know about various topics. Such a topic is color therapy. All of us have heard about the color therapy. According to the color therapists different colors have different impacts on our behavior, on our attitude, on our mood or on our reaction and even on our mentality.

A recent study has claimed that the color red can increase our physical strength. Strange – isn’t it?  Researchers said that people gets physical power for a short time after seeing the color red.

Andrew Elliot, who is the professor of psychology at the University of Rochester and also the leader of the researchers group in color psychology has agreed with the fact that color red increases physical energy, because it reminds us of the dander sign.

People when in extreme anger become red. We all are aware of the fact. The color red stands for the danger sign also. So according to psychologists, when we see the color red the impression of the color in our brain gets connected to the impressions of anger or fear. That connected impression in our brain causes the body to consume physical strength suddenly. But the power stays for a short time.

If we concentrate we will feel that all of us have felt that effect of red on us sometimes in our life. It often happens, when we see red roses we gets energy suddenly. Sometimes it also happens that we feel a little restless, when surrounding by too much redness. Sometimes we even feel that it is snatching our mental peace. The researchers have found a cause for the reaction. According to them the impression of fear comes with negative forces like worry, pre occupation, distraction of mind etc. these feelings make us restless and make us feel that we are losing mental peace.