Consumption Of Milk During Teenage Helps Avoid Health Problems Later

There is an alarming increase in the number of obesity cases in the United States and as per the latest research, almost 50% of Americans will be obese by the year 2030. Lack of physical activity owing to mechanization of all aspects is one of the basic reasons. While there is a huge population of the obese, there is also a large number of who adopt unhealthy diet regimes in order to shed weight. One of the main things that is given up is dairy or dairy products as they are thought to be fattening. However, latest researches have confirmed that consumption of dairy products, especially milk, in the teenage years is crucial in maintaining good health and keeping away from chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes. The research has revealed that the effect is all the more profound in women. A life long habit of drinking milk can reduce the chances of diabetes by 43%.

In the study that was conducted at the Harvard University, dietary habits of teenagers were studies. The study group consisted entirely of girls. As per the study, four helpings of dairy products per day are essential in order to be able to lead a healthy life as an adult. Four helpings also reduced the risk of diabetes significantly. Those who did consume dairy products but restricted intake to one helping per day were benefited but the effects were not very profound. With regard to weight gain and abesity, it was found that those teens who consumed milk regularly were less likely to become obese in their later age. This aids in reducing the risk of diabetes because obesity can trigger the disease. Another study was conducted in the same institute and Harvard researchers found that regular milk consumption provides lifetime supply of protein.

The study took into account over 440,000 adults. When milk was substituted with meat as a source of protein, it was found that there was a 17% reduction in Type II diabetes. According to nutritionists, eight grams of protein at just eighty calories were obtainable with the consumption of a glass of milk. It is also a source of other important minerals and vitamins. The best recommended diet is that of low fat milk that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Consumption of milk is a high source of natural proteins, calcium and other trace minerals, which helps in keeping the body healthy and keeping diseases away.