Control Sitting Habit – Reduce Blood Clot Risk

In general women usually like to sit for long period of time every day. But this is not good for their health. Because, a recent study has indicated that the women who sit for a long period of time daily may face three times of more likely to develop a life threading blood clots in the area of their lungs than those women who are active all the time.

Not only that, this can be say the first study in the world which has proved that a sedentary lifestyle ups the total risk of developing a pulmonary embolism, a form of blood clot which lodges in one of the blood vessel by supplying the blood in the lungs. Though, in most of the cases it has found that this blood clot forms in the area of the leg.

Some possible symptoms of this blood clot include chest pain, coughing as well as difficulty in breathing. Even sometimes it can even cause for death if it is not treated properly.

It comes out in such high period while others studies are engaging to explore the relationship between pulmonary embolism and physical activity. Although, some short of information is still available to link this condition with physical inactivity.

To justifying this fact the researchers of US had been studying these fact more than 69,000 female nurses over the age of 18 years, before provided the detailed information about the participants habits as well as lifestyle via regular questionnaires.

The study has also generate that the risk of pulmonary embolism in general is two to three times higher in those women who usually spend a lots of her everyday time in sitting than those women who usually spends more than 41 hours a week outside of work. Moreover, the results directly depend on some condition also like Body Mass Index or BMI, age and smoking habits.

Aside from that fact, this result also showed the internal links of arterial as well as various diseases with physical inactivity that inactively associated with high blood pressure and heart disease. This could even be one of the hidden mechanisms.

The said researchers of the Massachusetts General Hospital stated that the physical inactivity in women was conducted with pulmonary embolism. They also added that they still believed that it could be cure properly with the help of the public health campaign or health awareness.