Cosmetic Surgery With Ultrasonic Sound Aspirator Is More Effective And Beneficial

Cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty is a complicated process involving the use of a number of tools. Latest research has confirmed that use of ultrasonic bone aspirator is one of the most beneficial techniques in cosmetic surgery as it does not deform bones as in conventional methods that use bone cutters. It has been observed that tools cause obstruction in vision of the surgeon and hence, can cause deformities in reconstruction. Other common problem that doctors have encountered is damage to the tissues that surround the area of plastic surgery. The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery reported that the use of ultrasonic bone aspirator is better for cosmetic surgeries. This is a method in which sound waves are sued to cut through the bone.

All the limitations caused by conventional tools can be eliminated with the use of aspirator. The major benefit of this tool is that it does not damage the tissues that surround spot of surgery. As of now, ultrasound bone aspirator finds high usage in different surgeries related to the brain. They are specially used in brain tumor surgeries. The other field in medicine which uses aspirators is dentistry. Bone aspirator also finds high usage is neurosurgery. The use of ultrasound bone aspirators was started in the 1970s. This study was undertaken by a team from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia. The review was taken up by Edmund A. Pribitkin and Jewel D. Greywoode. A review was conducted of 103 patients who had undergone cosmetic surgery for nasal reconstruction. The review confirmed the safety of using bone aspirators and the enhanced benefits from it.

Developments in use of aspirators have lead to new ways of treatment that are more precise and safer. They can be used very successfully for bone sculpting.  The major factors that were considered in the review were damage to surrounding cells, patient satisfaction and doctor satisfaction, besides comparison of ultrasound technique with conventional tools. The study period was one year long and the condition of all the 103 patients was studied at regular intervals beginning from one month after surgery and ranging up to a year. It was found that ultrasound bone aspirators are very useful in sculpting the edge bones. It was also found that the satisfaction level among both patients and doctors was higher when aspirator was used for the surgery. The use of sound waves does not cause any kind of harmful side effects as well and hence, is turning to be an important part of facial cosmetic surgery procedures.