Cryotherapy Produces Better Results than Infrared Treatment for Muscle Recovery

Latest research has revealed that cryotherapy is the best way to help athletes recover their muscle injuries. In many cases, athletes suffer a number of musculoskeletal injuries due to the rigorous physical activity and exercise that they undertake. Although a number of ways of healing these injuries are used, the most effective of them was never judged. The present research has now come up with the facts that say that cold therapy or cryotherapy is the best form of treatment.

Whole body cryotherapy has emerged as the winner in the race. In the study, participants were put through rooms that were chilled using liquid nitrogen up to a temperature of -116 degree Fahrenheit. The results obtained in muscle repair and rejuvenation was better when compared to the results of infrared therapy, which is also one of the most widely used treatments.

Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves using extremely low temperatures, which are much below freezing point. In other words, it is a way that helps in removing heat from the body and hence, helps in healing. The therapy aims at reducing cellular metabolism, enhancing the rate of cellular survival and increase vasoconstriction. In addition, the treatment also helps in reducing pain and inflammation in the muscles. Spasms can be effectively controlled using cryotherapy. Although infrared treatment also provides all these benefits, it does so in the reverse manner. It increases the heat in the body, which increases cellular metabolism and helps in healing.

The study was headed by Christopher Hausswirth and the institute that contributed resources was National Institute of Sport, Exercise and Performance located in Paris. The participants in the study included well trained runners, nine in number. All recovery methods were tested on all the nine participants.  Effects of the treatments on the rate of muscle development and recovery were evaluated.

Based on the study, it was found that the most effective and beneficial treatment for recovery of muscle injury was whole body cryotherapy. The therapy was provided after an hour of exercise. Researchers and the participants saw better improvements in their bodies following the therapy. Three therapies after the first one were conducted forty eight hours after exercise session. This seemed to enhance and amplify the healing process. Researchers said that whole body cryotherapy has been the most effective in providing muscle relaxation and relief from injuries in a much enhanced manner when compared to other treatment procedures. It reduces pain and helps in healing muscles.