Deficiency of Essential Vitamins and Minerals Lead to Early Aging

Vitamins and mineral deficiency have been found to accelerate aging

The importance of vitamins and minerals for growth and development of the body has long been established. However, latest studies by researchers of Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in the Nutrition and Metabolism Center, Oakland, California reveal that a good diet of vitamins and minerals can be very effective in retarding the aging process. The co-author of the study, Joyce C. McCann further revealed that while developed countries took care about including vitamins and minerals in diet, repercussions of mild deficiency was largely ignored.

The study

Harmful repercussions of vitamin and mineral deficiency were reported in the Journal of the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology. The study also revealed that selenium was the mineral whose deficiency caused problems related to old age such as increased cardiovascular risk, poor body immunity and reduction in mental capabilities. The increased risk of cancer was also not ruled out. In addition, all the other age related symptoms such as weakness in the body, loss of sheen in the skin and hair and reduced stamina were also found exaggerated due to vitamins and minerals deficiency.

Knowledge about optimum nutrition requirements is necessary

Elaborating on the report, Joyce C. McCann said that it is vitally essential for people to be aware of the quality and quantity of nutritional requirements in order to plan their diet and use new technology optimally. It was further added that the possibility of using technology to plan diet is more realistic now than ever before. For retarding the process of aging, selenium and vitamin K are largely necessary in addition to other vitamins and minerals.

Importance of vitamins and minerals for the body

It has been established that, in order to maintain optimum fitness levels, a diet enriched with different minerals and vitamins is highly required. They are the building blocks of cells in the body. Vitamins are needed to protect the heart against the harmful effects of cholesterol. They are also essential to strengthen and increase bone density, good vision, healing the body during injuries and providing an energy boost. Vitamins and minerals together impart energy to the body and keep all the internal functional running optimally. They are very essential for children as they promote growth. The important minerals required for the body are calcium, aluminum, sodium, chlorine, lead, graphite, magnesium, carbon and silicon. Each of these minerals plays a special role in keeping the body fit and in healthy growth.

Vitamins and mineral deficiency

A major portion of the American population is deficient in vitamins and minerals to a small extent. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals can cause a myriad of health problems such as cognitive decline, lower bone density, increased risk of cancer, yellowing of the skin, poor iron absorption and anemia. The deficiency is higher in people who smoked. Although there are a number of vitamin and mineral supplements available in the market, their intake through natural foods is the most beneficial to the body. In cases of extreme deficiency, supplements and drugs can be used.